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Advanced Form Integration plugin allows you to integrate any Sender Platform to Klaviyo. When a user fills a form on your website, the plugin will send the data to your Klaviyo account and create a subscriber in the preferred list. You can also add custom fields, track profile activity.

Supported Features

  • Create a new contact with all basic (First Name, Last Name, Email & Phone, Address, etc.) fields. It also allows adding the contact to a preferred contact list.
  • Additionally, allows to add custom fields and consent.
    AFI Pro
  • Track profile activity. AFI Pro

How to Use

Obtaining the API Key & Authentication

Before start, you are required to save the API Key in the plugin settings page.

  1. Go to the WordPress admin area, click AFI > Settings .
  2. Enable and select the Klaviyo tab.
  3. Click on the link and you’ll be taken to the API Kyes page. Click on Create API Key if not exists, then copy it.
  4. Paste the Key in the API Key input box and click the Save Changes button.

Create New Integration

Once API Key is saved you can start creating new integration. Click on Add New under AFI menu, New Integration page will appear.


A default title will be auto-generated with an auto incremental number. You can rename it to something related to the task. It will help you to quickly recognize the correct one when there is multiple integrations setup.


Select Correct Sender Form in Form Provider dropdown. Desired Form plugin must be installed and activated otherwise you won’t see it listed. After selecting Correct Form, all forms built under that form will be fetched and auto-populated in the Form/Task Name dropdown. Select the form that you want to integrate.


Select Klaviyo in Platform dropdown. In Pro version you’ll get the option Klaviyo [PRO]. Select that.

klaviyo afi basic
AFI free version supports basic contact fields.
AFI Pro version supports custom fields.
Map Fields

Available contact lists will be auto-populated. Select the desired one. Map Email, First Name, Last Name, etc., and other fields that you want. Skip the fields that not needed. Finally, click the Save Integration button.

klaviyo map fields
Klaviyo – Map Fields
Phone Number

If the form on your website collects user’s phone number, you might want to send it to Klaviyo along with other data. You have to be cautious in this case. Klaviyo only accepts a fully formatted phone number including the country code before it. You need to ensure that a fully formatted phone number is sent. So there are two ways you can achieve it. 

Design your forms phone number field in a way that user also enters the country code number. It could be a dropdown where the country is selectable.

Or if you expect the visitors from the same country, you can use a simple phone number input box in the form. In this case, add the country prefix while setting up the integration. For example, if you expect all the users from Spain, add +34 before the phone number tag. The plugin will automatically add +34 before all the submitted phone numbers.

Add a fixed country code before the phone number
Double opt-in

Double opt-in option is activated by default for lists in Klaviyo. While it is activated, new contacts will get an email first. If they click on confirm on that email, they will be added to the list. If you want the submitted data to be added directly to the list (though it is not recommended), select single opt-in.


After the integration is made, when users fill up the form and submit it, the plugin initiates the process of sending data to the configured platform. It also saves a log that includes what data it tried to send, and what it got in response from that platform. So if you find an integration is not working, your first task is to check the logs. Go to AFI > Log menu and check the recent logs.

Integration not working, contact not saving to Klaviyo account

If you encounter the problem that an integration was created but while testing no contact was added to Klaviyo, please review the following things:

  • Always do tests with real email and phone numbers. Don’t use test@test or a@b, etc. Modern platforms can understand that these are fake and ignores.
  • If you are sending the phone number, make sure that it is fully formatted with the country code. See  the phone number section above for details.
  • See the double opt-in option in the list settings. If it is activated users will get a confirmation email. List will be updated when they cofirm from the email. See the Double opt-in section above.
  • If you are still stuck with no results, please send an email to [email protected] with the necessary screenshots and a copy of the error log. We will be happy to help you.
  • Go to the Log menu and most probably you will find that some errors are logged. See the error message and try to fix accordingly.
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