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AFI Quick Setup

Quick Setup

You can easily set up integrations in almost no time. Just insert API key if needed and then map necessary form fields.

single form to multiple platforms

Single To Multiple

Integrations can be built from one single form to multiple platforms. Upon form submission, data can be sent to a Google Sheet, a CRM, a Newsletter platform, etc. at the same time.

multiple form to single platform

Multiple to Single

If you have multiple forms in your WordPress setup you can integrate them to a single Google Sheet, etc.

conditional logic

Conditional Logic

You can create single or multiple conditional logic to filter the data flow. Submitted data will only be sent if the conditions match.



All API requests are listed in the Log section. It will help you debug if data sending failed.



This WordPress plugin is multisite supported.



Full documentation available for each platform along with tutorials on how to connect those. There is a YouTube channel that has a few hundred help videos.

quick support

Quick Support

The product is in active development and something new coming every week. Dedicated support people are ready to assist you.

What People Say About Us

Dev is Super Responsive!
Purchased the pro license for this plugin. I had a small issue up front, and the dev had it resolved in about 12 hours. And then, I suggested a feature upgrade to him, and he added that to the plugin in 24 hours. Very responsive and easy to work with. And, this makes linking Forminator and MailerLite _so_ much better!
Anthony Wagner
I was able to connect sendfox.
It allowed me to create multiple forms for different uses and send the clicks to sendfox.
Anna K Payne
AP Creations
It does what I want it to do
I have tried other plugins. I think this is the most functional and does what it needs to do. And it is the cheapest too.
Posmen Hartanah
Posmen Hartanah
Great and Useful Plugin
If you are looking for an easy solution to move contacts from forms or shopping carts to your email platform this is perfect. It works with an amazing number of products. The support is great and the plugin is reasonably priced.
Jeff Smith
Montana SEO Services LLC

We Have Great Answers

In short, it connects forms to many other platforms. It works like when a form is submitted, the plugin will send the data to other platforms. For example, it will add a row in a Google Sheet, add a subscriber to a Mailchimp email list, etc.

A full list of supported forms and platforms can be found at the Pricing Page.

Absolutely not! You don’t need to write even a line of code to use this plugin.

It depends on your need. The most popular Contact Form 7 can be connected free to all supported platforms with basic features. To see a comparison visit the Pricing page.

More detailed explanations and documentation can be found on the documentation page.

Please send an email to [email protected]

Please head over to the Contact page and send your query. We would be happy to answer.

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