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The AFI plugin maintains logs of all actions performed within the system. These logs are crucial for troubleshooting and diagnosing issues that may arise during operation. If you encounter problems like the integration not functioning properly or missing data, you can use these logs to pinpoint the root cause.

The Log section typically lists recent activity logs. Look for entries that indicate errors. Error logs are usually marked in red, making them easy to identify. These logs will contain detailed information about what went wrong, including error messages. Click on the View button to see details.

Correct the error and click the Resend button. This will resend the request with the corrected data. Check the response data to see if any errors still exist.

If the error is fixed, you have identified the source of the problem. Adjust the integration or the sender platform to ensure that the correct data is being supplied.

Ask for Support

If you are still unable to determine the root cause of the error, don’t worry. Click the copy button to copy the error log, take a screenshot of the integration page, and email both to [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you.

Disable Log

If you need to disable the log feature for any reason, go to AFI > Settings > General, toggle the Disable Log button, and save your changes.
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