Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is another popular contact form plugin for WordPress that has lots of exciting features. You can easily integrate it into many other popular platforms using the Advanced Form Integration plugin. It requires a Pro license of the Advanced Form Integration plugin to use this feature.

To start integration Gravity Forms, go to Advanced Form Integration plugin menu and start new integration.

Title: A default title will be auto added but you can rename it to a meaningful one. That can help you to quickly recognize the correct one when you have several integrations.

Form Provider: Select Gravity from dropdown. Please remember that Gravity Forms plugin must be installed and activated otherwise you won’t find it in dropdown.

Form Name: A list of all forms created in Gravity Forms will be populated here. Select the one that you want to connect.

Single Line TextYesSame as input
Paragraph TextYesSame as input
DropdownYesBy default selected label otherwise value (if set)
Multi SelectYesBy default comma-separated selected labels otherwise values (if set)
NumberYesSame as input
CheckboxesYesBy default comma-separated selected labels otherwise values (if set)
Radio ButtonsYesBy default selected label otherwise value (if set)
NameYesPrefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix separately
DateYesYYYY-MM-DD format
TimeYesAs selected format
PhoneYesSame as input
AddressYesAddress line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip, country separately
WebsiteYesSame as input
EmailYesSame as input
File UploadYesUploaded file link. Comma-separated if multiple
ListYesJSON object array with key-value pair
ConsentYes1 (if marked)
Post FieldsYesValue
Gravity Forms – supported fields

Platform: Now select the platform you want to connect to and finish the setup. Please check Receiver Platforms documentation to know more about that specific receiver platform.