You can easily integrate the Forminator Form plugin into many other popular platforms using Advanced Form Integration. Both free and paid versions of the Forminator (form only) are supported. It requires a Pro license of the Advanced Form Integration plugin to use the feature.

To start integrating Forminator, go to the Advanced Form Integration plugin menu and start new integration.

Title: A default title will be auto-added but you can rename it to a meaningful one. That can help you to quickly recognize the correct one when you have several integrations.

Form Provider: Select Forminator from the dropdown. Please remember that the Forminator plugin must be installed and activated otherwise you won’t find it in the dropdown.

Form Name: A list of all forms created in Forminator will be populated here. Select the one that you want to connect with.

NameYesFirst name, middle name, last name separately
EmailYesSame as input
PhoneYesSame as input
AddressYesStreet Address, apartment, city, state, zip, country separately
WebsiteYesSame as input
InputYesSame as input
TextareaYesSame as input
NumberYesNumeric value
RadioYesSelected item value
CheckboxYesComma-separated selected items value
CalculationsYesCalculated value
SelectYesSelected item value
DatepickerYesAs input format
TimepickerYesHours & minutes separately
File UploadYesUploaded file link, comma-separated for multiple
Hidden FieldYesValue
GDPR ApprovalYestrue
Forminator – supported fields

Platform: Now select the platform you want to connect to and finish the setup. Please check Receiver Platforms documentation to know more about that specific receiver platform.