Elementor Pro Form

Elementor has gained much popularity in recent years. Elementor Pro has built-in contact form widget in it. Advanced Form Integration plugin can integrate Elementor Form into many other platforms. It requires a Pro license of the Advanced Form Integration plugin to use this feature.

How to integrate Elementor Form – Advanced For Integration

To start integration Elementor Form, go to Advanced Form Integration plugin menu and start new integration.

Title: A default title will be auto added but you can rename it to a meaningful one. That can help you to quickly recognize the correct one when you have several integrations.

Form Provider: Select Elementor Pro Form from dropdown. Please remember that Elementor Pro plugin must be installed and activated otherwise you won’t find it in dropdown.

Form Name: The Elementor Pro Form works differently. It needs to be created in a post or page directly. So to recognize the correct form from the dropdown list will be populated in {post_id} {form_name} format. Select the one you want to integrate.

TextYesSame as input
EmailYesSame as input
TextareaYesSame as input
URLYesSame as input
TelYesSame as input
RadioYesSelected value
SelectYesSelected Value
CheckboxYesComma-separated values
AcceptanceYeson (if marked)
NumberYesSame as input
DateYesIn YYYY-MM-DD format
TimeYes24H format
File UploadYesUploaded file link, comma-separated if multiple
PasswordYesSame as input
Elementor Pro Form – supported fields

Platform: Now select the platform you want to connect to and finish the setup. Please check Receiver Platforms documentation to know more about that specific receiver platform.